With a heavy, 1980’s camcorder sitting across his shoulder and a VCR slung over the other, eleven-year-old Christopher Moro stepped back for a moment and observed the make-believe unfolding before him—the way it looked through the lens, the story it told...how exciting it was. He was just playing...at least until a thought entered his mind: “I wonder if there’s a job like this.”

By the time he was an adult, Christopher Moro amassed nineteen short film credits, with eight as writer-director, the first of which earned him a student EMMY AWARD from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS). Then, after working in television for several years, he attended USC’s School of Cinema-Television Production, where he wrote and directed six films, wrote screenplays, and discovered an affinity for suspense, drama, and psychology.

The production of his latest film, The Bedtime Story, coincided with his graduation from USC and demonstrated his passion for human stories that take place within the context of something extraordinary. The film also marked the co-founding of Moro Bros. Films with brother and business partner, Sean Moro.

Christopher Moro has several projects in various stages of development, including two feature-length screenplays, which he intends to direct. His next project will be his first feature film.

1. The Bedtime Story (2004)
2. Treasures (2003)
3. Shades (2002)
4. Real Surreal (2001)

1. Treasures (2003)
2. The Demon (2003)
3. Shades (2002)
4. Real Surreal (2001)

1. The Bedtime Story (2004)
2. Bang and Whimper (2003)
3. The Demon (2003)
4. Shades (2002)
5. Real Surreal (2001)

1. The Bedtime Story (2004) (Executive Producer)
2. The Demon (2003) (Director of Photography)
3. Featuring Wayne (Coca-Cola Finalist 2002) (1st Assistant Director)

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